The “brand” is one of the largest assets that a company owns and yet its value is monitored less often than a small piece of factory equipment or a computer server, if at all. This puts marketing and finance teams at a disadvantage for assessing investments in the brand.

We have developed an inexpensive, independently verified monitoring process that cures this problem.

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The Brand Strength Monitor is a game changing deliverable of an established, trusted, and independently validated measure of brand value. It is the ONLY independently validated measure of brand value available. The Brand Strength Monitor captures all the brands in your category and isolates brand strength by holding everything else in the actual buying experience – price, promotion, shelf position, etc. – constant.

We are entering a new era of marketing accountability in which Marketers are stepping up, mastering and applying the science of measurement and process management to the art of marketing. As MASB (the Marketing Accountability and Standards Board) has stated, this is an era in which “a fundamental shift will drive consistent growth with improved methods for measuring, forecasting and improving the effectiveness of marketing activities and a narrowing of the gap between marketing efforts and financial outcomes.”

MSW Research has been a proud participant in MASB’s efforts to serve as an independent governing body for the marketing and finance interests in the industry. We were very pleased that our patented measure of Brand Preference has been independently reviewed and deemed an exemplar measure by MASB and verified for use within their Brand Investment and Valuation Model. In fact, ours is the ONLY measure that has been so qualified and verified by this independent and highly respected organization.

In order to gain this distinction the MSW Brand Preference Metric had to meet the MASB Marketing Metric Audit Protocol (MMAP) and the 10 characteristics cited of an “Ideal Metric”, which stipulate that the measure must be:

1. Relevant
2. Predictive
3. Objective
4. Calibrated
5. Reliable
6. Sensitive
7. Simple
8. Causal
9. Transparent
10. Quality Assured

The MSW Brand Preference measure has been widely available for many years within our research techniques. Now we have taken our approach to Brand Preference and launched The Brand Strength Monitor, a game-changing deliverable of this established, trusted and independently validated measure of brand value.

The Brand Strength Monitor is

The Brand Strength Monitor methodology isolates brand strength by holding everything else in the actual buying experience – price, promotion, shelf position, etc. – constant.

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We are constantly adding to our list of brands and categories tracked. If you don't see your brand or category here and would like us to start tracking it please contact us with your request.

is a product of MSW Research and is based on our patented measure of Brand Preference. Visit our product section to learn about our monitoring process.

Top Brands

These are the Top Brands in just 10 of the categories being tracked.

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Bud Light
Cracker Jack
Orvile Redenbacher's
State Farm

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